For over 30 years, Gem Sound has been dedicated to designing and building superior Speakers and Wireless Microphones and more. With each new Gem Sound product, we exemplify the latest technology with a sleek style.

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• Powered Speaker with USB and SD Media Player

• 2-way professional speaker, trapezional design

• ABS impact resistant light weight system

• Extreme powerful woofer

• Wide dispersion horn

• LED display

• Includes remote control

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Wireless Microphone Systems

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  • Wireless Solo

  • Single Channel VHF Receiver

  • Hand Held Microphone

  • Full Frequency response


  • Wireless Duo

  • Dual Channel VHF Receiver

  • 2 Hand Held Microphones

  • Full Frequency response



  • Wireless Quad

  • Four Channel VHF Receiver

  • 4 Hand Held Microphones

  • Full Frequency response


Design & Development

Gem Sound’s global team has more than 30 years experience in designing and developing every aspect of our speakers, wireless mics to optimize performance. This team works in collaboration with the distributors, manufacturers and most importantly with the artist and performers in the audio industry. Gem Sound has continuously re-engineered each aspect of product design from the choices of components, new technologies, and their integration with design and performance. Every unit is exhaustively tested resulting in a superior product that delivers the excellent sound quality expected from Gem Sound Products.


Technology Inside

As an established leader in the audio industry, Gem Sound understands the need for precise, articulate sound. No detail is too small for careful consideration. Every product is consistently fine tuned and upgraded by our electric engineers. Each component is specifically designed to optimized performance and incorporate cutting edge technology.

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Customer Review

The sound is indeed very good for plastic cabinets , and without wood they do weigh less and are easy to carry or roll. I am extremely happy with these speakers and highly recommend them !

purchased Gem Sound PXB150USB